Wildlife Exclusion Specialists

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Certified Installers

Ultra Safe provides comprehensive Wildlife Exclusion services, to control and remove rodents and problem animals. A key feature of our approach involves wildlife & problem animal exclusion, also known as rodent or animal-proofing.

Successful animal proofing and exclusion of a structure, requires a full understanding of the type of nuisance wildlife species, knowledge of general building construction and possess the proper tools, equipment and materials to perform successful wildlife exclusion.

Wildlife Exclusion is achieved by closing off openings and existing gaps around roof-line, attics, trim boards, dormers, under porches, foundations and other areas of homes and buildings. Capping off chimneys and vents with an animal proof cap or cover is another example of wildlife exclusion.

Only qualified professionals who are properly licensed in wildlife control should attempt to handle or exclude wildlife from a home or commercial building. If done incorrectly, severe damage or greater risk of human wildlife conflict may occur if an animal is accidentally blocked or trapped inside during the sealing up process.

Proper eviction devices such as one-way doors, traps, bat cones and similar products, MUST be installed by a professional prior to sealing the entry points and rodent proofing the property.



  • Chimney Cap & Vent Cover Installation
  • Rodent Proof Door Sweeps
  • Custom Screens & Enclosures
  • Sealing and Caulking gaps and crevices
  • Heavy duty vinyl coated wire mesh to secure openings
  • Rodent-Proof Fabrics
  • Animal Damage Repair
  • Fencing around gardens & food sources
  • Ground Exclusion
  • Netting-off areas to prevent birds and wildlife from entering

Bat Proofing & Exclusion

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Bat Exclusion Specialists On-Site

Bat exclusion or “bat-proofing” a home or building can be a tedious job. It will often require tall ladders and specialized tools and equipment. Ultra-Safe bat specialists install one-way doors, bat cones and other bat exclusion devices to allow the bats to exit. We are also equipped to physically remove bats if necessary.

The exclusion work is ideally done during the month of May or from August 1 through mid-October. Depending on the species, this is when most bats will have raised their young or will have left the area to hibernate.

Performing a bat exclusion at the wrong time, can drive the bats into occupied areas or create additional problems if bats get trapped and die within the walls of a structure.

For long-term bat prevention, after bats have exited or been removed, all entry points, gaps and holes 5/8 of an inch or larger will need to be permanently sealed.

Our bat specialists are trained to determine the best approach to take for each individual project.

Ultra Safe Pest Management is a properly Licensed and Certified Wildlife Control Company. We do NOT subcontract work. All wildlife work is backed by our full-service warranty.

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Wildlife Clean-Up & Restoration


Problem animals and rodents can cause many forms of damage. Direct physical damage is often cause when the rodents or wildlife attempts to enter a property or structure. Common areas of wildlife damage include roof trim, soffits, gable vents, dormers, siding, and other entry points around a structure.

Once inside, significant animal damage occurs to ceilings, walls, wires, utility lines, insulation, flooring and personal belongs. Damage happens when animals shred materials for nesting and den sites too. More important than physical damage is the risk of spreading disease after contaminating attics and other areas with feces and other organisms.

Animal Debris Removal & Sanitizing Services

  • Vacuum droppings and debris with industry specific HEPA Vac
  • Sanitize affected areas with professional equipment & sanitizers
  • Pressure Washing
  • Damaged Insulation Removal & Restoration
  • Tree Branch Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Disposal Services
  • Damage Repair & Exclusion

Rodents and problem animals can cause extensive damage to structures. Harmful debris, droppings, bat guano and contaminated insulation are the result of pest and wildlife activity. This debris and the animals themselves, can pose a serious health risk to people and domestic animals.

The guano or bat droppings need to be removed and the area sanitized by a professional. Special protective equipment should be worn. Ultra Safe is equipped with special industry-specific HEPA vacuums, pressure washers, sanitizing materials and safety equipment to properly remove all bat related debris. We restore all types of attic insulation.

Wildlife Disease & Contamination

Wild animals carry and transmit dangerous diseases, organisms and viruses.

Common Zoonotic diseases include:

  • Rabies
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Ringworm
  • Hookworm
  • Salmonella
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Roundworms
  • Scabies











Consult a doctor if you suspect any contact, scratch or bite related to wild animals

Wildlife Damage Repair




Rodent and wildlife professionals equipped to repair many types of wildlife related damage.
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