The Problems Caused by Bed Bugs and How You Can Keep Them at Bay

Bed Bugs are tiny reddish-brown insects roughly the size of an apple seed. While bed bugs can be found almost anywhere the risk of finding them is much higher in hotels, hospitals, and movie theatres. From these places, they find their way to your home in beds, boxes, bedding and furniture. Bed bugs tend to bite you while you are asleep; you may even incur bug bites multiple times per night if there is a severe infestation. While bed bugs don’t spread diseases, they can still cause many problems for your physical and mental health.


Effects of bed bugs on your physical and mental health

Allergic reactions vary according to one’s sensitivity to bites. Some people may be resistant and may not have any symptoms, while others can have mild to extreme allergies.

Itching is another symptom of bed bug bites. It may vary from mild to severe and sometimes also cause swellling.

Secondary infections: Bed bugs do not transmit infections. However, severe itching may cause open wounds which can lead to secondary infections. This can include lymphangitis impetigo and more.

Blisters and spots appear because of bug bites. It may cause unsightly reddish discolouration and rashes on the skin.

Insomnia The risk of bed bugs results in anxiety and fear. This can quickly turn into a major issue which deprives you of sleep. It can lead to panic attacks and spikes in your stress levels. Severe bed bug infestations can even cause insomnia due to stress.

Anaphylactic shock: Bed bug bites may cause anaphylactic shock if you have a history of allergies and asthma. It is a critical condition where you need immediate medical attention.


How to prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have multiple ways of entering your home. It may be through clothes and luggage, coats of pets, or used furniture. Despite their name, bed bugs are not just found on beds. They thrive anywhere with similar warm and soft conditions. Here are a few steps that help to prevent them.


Vacuum Packing Clothes – Sealed vaccum packed bags help to eliminate the spread of these pests.

Carpet cleaning – Carpets are one of bed bugs’ favorite places to hide. Vacuum cleaning and carpet cleaning can be effective in warding off the bugs; however, be sure to discard the used vacuum bag outside your home.

Examine your Pets – Bedbugs may be found on the coats of pets or in their bedding. The warmth of your pet makes it an ideal place for bed bugs to lay eggs and multiply.

Declutter – A cluttered home is the perfect place for bed bugs to hide. Keep rooms free of clutter and discard unnecessary items, especially against walls. These are hideouts for bed bugs.


Block the House from Bed Bugs

Repair or seal all cracks and crevices in your home, both externally and internally. Any space that may fit a business card is sufficiently big for a bed bug. Additionally, ensure bed bugs are not on furniture, cushions, carpets or beds.

Bed bug infestations can be incredibly hard to deal with. It will cost your health, time, and money. Nevertheless, if you follow appropriate measures the spread of bed bugs can be prevented and controlled.

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