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Our line of ‘UltraGuard Home Pest Protection Programs’ offer customized, long-term solutions for protecting homes and buildings from unwanted pest activity. Ultra Safe’s comprehensive pest programs were designed by our in-house Staff Entomologists and Home Pest Control Experts.

Home Pest Protection In Massachusetts

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Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach

We have taken many steps to provide our customers with a higher quality service. One of the most important things about Ultra Safe is our commitment to provide environmentally responsible pest control services. This means using Integrated Pest Management, or ‘IPM’, to solve and prevent pest and wildlife related problems both inside and outside of homes and buildings. 

Food, Water, and Shelter

The IPM approach focuses on these three key elements that pests need to survive. By concentrating on eliminating the sources of these elements, the property will become a less desirable destination for pests. This greatly reduces the likelihood of an infestation or unhealthy environment. More importantly, IPM aims to prevent or correct the root of pest activity , providing customers with a longer-term solution for pest-related problems in a safer, more effective way. 

How Does Integrated ‘Home Pest Protection’ Work?

Home Integrated Pest Management (Home IPM), is a systematic approach to managing pest activity and site conditions that cause pest infestations. Our goal is to effectively eliminate and prevent pest activity, without negatively impacting human health, the environment or non-target species and organisms.

Home IPM incorporates proven methods and materials, with a custom site-specific plan of action.

Home Pest Protection

Home Pest Inspections
Accurately identify pest activity, food sources and any conditions that may be conducive to pest activity around the home.

Custom Site-Specific Plan Of Action (IPM)

  • Employing multiple control measures with a focus on proven, non-chemical control methods whenever possible
  • Repair and pest-proofing to exclude pests where possible
  • Precise product applications to targeted pest activity where needed
  • Detailed Documentation of Pest Activity, Conditions, and IPM Notes
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