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Pest Inspection Of Drop CeilingChecking For Pest Damage Behind Gutters

A quality Pest Inspection is an important first step in the Integrated Pest Management process and must be performed by a qualified pest professional.

Not all Pest Inspectors are created equal. Some Pest Companies that offer Free Inspections, involve little more than a salesperson with a service contract in hand!

The Pest Inspection Difference At Ultra Safe Pest Management 

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Ultra Safe Pest Inspectors are among the very best in the industry. These experts complete advanced training and possess the highest levels of Pest Control licensing and certifications.

Our inspectors are licenced pest specialists, NOT Salespeople! Our Expert Pest Inspectors will design a custom, site-specific plan of action and long-term solution. 

Specialized Inspection Equipment

Ultra Safe equips Pest Inspectors with advanced technology like professional moisture meters and thermal imaging to help detect pest activity and conducive site conditions.

Detailed Pest Inspection Report & Documentation

An expert inspector accurately identifies and documents pest activity present. Details regarding site conditions, areas inspected, species involved, solutions options and other important information are noted in the pest inspection report. Reports are emailed to customers and are also available in our online Customer Connect Access Portal.’ 

How Pest Inspections Can Prevent Infestations

Routine inspections provide long-term prevention because the early detection of pest activity is often easier to treat and can prevents future infestations.

A Quality Pest Inspector Will Check All The Areas!

All areas of the property should be inspected during the pest inspection. In order to achieve the best results, special attention is made to high-risk areas like attics, crawlspaces, under porches, sub basements and other areas where pests and rodents may be active.

Pest Inspectors In Crawlspace
Pest Experts Inspecting A Crawlspace

Ultra Safe’s Pest Inspection Process

  • Identify the presence of pest activity
  • Locate entry points in the structure(s)
  • Identify food sources
  • Locate breeding and harborage sites
  • Identify damage caused by pests
  • Determine the best site-specific management practices
  • Create a Site Specific Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)

Pest Identification Equipment

Staff Entomologists Ready For Your Specimen ID.

Our Associate Certified Entomologists are available to identify any species of pest. Our experts can identify insect pests that an average exterminator overlooks or fails to properly diagnose.

TIP – Only hire pest inspectors that are licensed by the state. In Massachusetts, only inspection reports, completed by a ‘Licensed Pest Inspector’ are approved by public health officials, or  real estate professionals.

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