Pest Inspection

Pest InspectorPest Inspector Checking For Pest Damage

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Pest Inspection is an important first step in the Integrated Pest Management process. A qualified inspector is licensed by the state to determine the best plan of action for controlling pests and rodents. Ultra Safe’s Pest Inspectors undergo obtain the highest level licenses and certifications. Our Inspectors are regarded by many as being among the very best in the industry!

Regular pest inspections can help with long-term prevention by providing early detection of pest activity. It is very important that all high-risk areas of the property are inspected to achieve accurate results. Special attention must be made to hard to reach areas like attics, crawlspaces, under porches, sub basements and other areas where pests and rodents like to hide. Licensed Pest Inspectors get behind furniture, equipment and appliances during interior pest inspections.


Pest Experts Inspecting A Crawlspace

 Pest Inspection Findings

  • Identify the presence of pest activity
  • Locate entry points in the structure(s)
  • Identify food sources
  • Locate breeding and harborage sites
  • Assess damage caused by pests
  • Determine best management practices
  • Create a Site Specific Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)


Staff Entomologists 

Our Associate Certified Entomologists are pest inspectors that have undergone extensive study and training. These pest experts are LICENSED AND CERTIFIED to identify insect pests that the average exterminator may often overlook or fail to properly diagnose. Ultra Safe has licensed and certified Staff Entomologists available to assist with even the most challenging pest activity.

TIP – Only hire inspectors that are licensed by the state. In Massachusetts, only inspection reports, completed by a ‘Licensed Pest Inspector’ are approved by many public health officials and real estate related institutions.