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Perfect Storm For Mosquitoes

Massachusetts Mosquito Alert

Get ready to hear a lot about Mosquito populations and control efforts on the Local News! Our data from past seasons, the current environmental conditions and recent feedback from the field, have our Mosquito Experts predicting a “perfect storm” of conditions fueling dangerous population levels of disease carrying Mosquitoes in Massachusetts.

Record July 2021 rainfall followed by warmer days and larger groups of people enjoying the outdoors following the Covid-19 Pandemic is definitely a recipe for increased mosquito related health concerns. Mosquitoes carrying EEE and West Nile Virus have already tested positive in several nearby cities and towns. The health risks are always a numbers game. Mosquito Populations x Animal populations x People exposed to mosquitoes = Relative Risk of Disease Transmission. 

Breeding Sites Caused By Record July Rainfall

The woods around Massachusetts became saturated in recent weeks creating large mosquito breeding pools throughout the state. 

Ramping Up Mosquito Control Efforts

In addition to state and municipal efforts, Ultra Safe will be ramping up Mosquito Control efforts in the coming weeks to help counter the coming onslaught! In addition to actively spraying, we use Insect Growth Regulators and Larvicides to treat nearby breeding sites. Our Mosquito Control Specialists will be working overtime to ensure timely treatments for our customers.

Mosquito Applicator Mosquito Control Trap

DIY Mosquito Control Tips for Homeowners & Property Managers:

Identify & Remove Localized Mosquito Breeding Sites

Ultimately, the success or failure of most Mosquito Control Programs comes down to source identification and reduction of breeding sites. Below are some tips for homeowners and property managers to help identify Mosquito Breeding Sites around the property:

Mosquito Breeding Sites Clean Clogged Gutters

Be sure to empty these sources on a regular basis following any rainfall

  • Clogged Rain Gutters
  • Plastic Containers
  • Trash Barrels
  • Old Tires
  • Tree Cavities
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Outdoor Toys 
  • Birdbaths 
  • Any stagnant water


Minimize Exposure to Mosquito Bites

  • Wear long-sleeves and pants when outdoors from dusk to dawn
  • Apply a Deet-Based Mosquito Repellant when outdoors


Mosquitoes are Weak Flyers! Exploit that by creating airflow.

Create a ‘Mosquito-Safe Zone’ using outdoor fans to blow air away from patios or other areas where people congregate in the evening. Position the airflow as to create to create an invisible barrier that mosquitoes won’t be able to cross.

Natural Barrier

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