How to Keep Mice Away From Your Home This Winter


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful—at least the mice think so!

Rodents, such as mice and rats, don’t enjoy the cold weather, so they seek shelter inside your home. But you’re not an Airbnb for rodents, and you don’t have to leave your door open for Mickey and all his friends.

The reality is that living in Massachusetts means rodent removal is a part of life and the control methods for mice must be aggressive and integrated in order to be successful long term. Have no fear, here are the ways Ultra Safe Pest Management can help keep your home pest-free this winter.


The first step is to thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home. We are looking for areas in your home that mice can enter, such as holes in the wall, vents, or gaps where pipes are installed. Keep in mind that mice can fit through very small spaces. It only takes a dime-sized crack for your house to be infested. We’ll also identify any food or water sources that might be tempting Jerry to find refuge inside your cupboards.

How to tell if there are mice in your house

If you hear scratching, gnawing, running, and rustling noises in your house, you may have mice in your house. House mice are predominantly nocturnal, so those noises are more likely to occur at night.

However, a silent night doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t around. Other signs of a mouse problem include:

  • Droppings that look like chocolate sprinkles
  • Nests made of materials such as shredded paper
  • Mouse burrows and tunnels in insulation
  • Items chewed up like boxes, plastic containers, clothing or wooden spoons
  • Yellow staining on objects or urine smelling areas (especially if huge infestations are present)


After identifying potential access points, it’s time to deal with the issue. Exclusion of rodents, also known as rodent or “mouse proofing,” is the process of sealing openings through which rats and mice might enter a structure.

We’ll discuss a few options for plugging these holes and keeping rodents out. Generally, copper wire mesh will work. Rodents will find another place to hide if they can’t find shelter in your home; that’s how you keep them at bay!


Once your house is secure, we’ll make sure you don’t have mice already living inside. At Ultra Safe Pest Management, we develop effective, year-round solutions designed by our in-house Staff Entomologists and Home Pest Control Experts. We employ a Home IPM, which is a systematic approach to managing pest activity and site conditions that cause pest infestations.


Setting trapping devices in your home’s living spaces is the last step. As a result of our years of experience, we know exactly where and how to place them to catch and eliminate pesky vermin.


At Ultra Safe Pest Management, we have a nearly 20-year proven track record of exterminating any mouse/rodent infestations. Schedule an expert rodent inspection today on our website or by calling 866-472-5858.

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