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Ultra Safe Pest specializes in all types of pest removal, control, and exterminator services.

Our licensed professionals can accurately identify and remove any pest infestation. Our pest removal experts are not only great at removing active pest infestations, they are successful at providing a customized long-term pest control solutions!

Ant Removal

ant removal

Ants are one of the most commonly encountered of all pest species. Most ants in New England are harmless and cause little to no damage to property or risk to people.

However, some ants like Carpenter Ants and lawn nesting ant species can cause significant damage to structures and landscaping in a short period of time.

It is important to have a pest professional accurately identify the species of ant(s) present before a successful ant treatment can be performed.

Ultra Safe Pest has been treating ants for over 16 years now. We identify the type of ants present and launch a species specific treatment protocol. We do this by locating nesting sites, food sources and other areas of activity.

Our ant services offer a safer, more effective approach to conventional ant extermination. All ant services are backed by our industry leading warranty!

Stinging Insects

Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasps

Wasp and Hornet Nest Removal

With stinging insects like bees and wasps, it is important to consult with a pest professional that is familiar with the various species of bees and wasps. Our Insect Pest Exterminators are trained to identify and treat stinging insects safely and accurately.

When to call a Wasp or Yellow Jacket Removal Company

If you spot a nest on or in a structure or near areas where people and pets frequent, notice consistent activity in a particular area, see specimens flying in and out of an entry point, you should call a pest professional.

Honey Bee Removal


Ultra Safe Pest is an active supporter of the Massachusetts Pollinator Protection Plan

Honey bees are very beneficial and should NOT be EXTERMINATED! Honey bees must be preserved/protected whenever possible. Treatment or removal of a honeybee hive and the honey product can be very messy. Because honeybee colonies are so large, only a honey bee pest control professional or experienced beekeeper can safely remove a honeybee nest.

Wasps and Hornets must be treated according to species as well. Some wasp species are solitary and are relatively calm or non-aggressive. But some hornets have large colonies that they will aggressively defend. Humans are at the same risk of allergic reactions from wasps, hornets or bees stings.

Sometimes NO action is the best action

In general, random bees and wasps that are foraging around naturally outdoors should be left alone. They are in food gathering mode and will usually not sting if ignored. Remove unnatural food sources like soda and fruit that may be attracting the activity. This will encourage the insects to move on to natural resources away from homes and structures.

Cockroach Extermination

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Cockroaches carry a variety of bacteria that are harmful to humans and can cause a number of illnesses ranging from food poisoning to dysentery.

For years, scientists have also associated growing asthma rates among children with exposure to cockroach activity such as droppings and molted skin debris, especially among inner-city children living in infested apartment buildings, schools, daycare or other place with high cockroach activity.

A study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology entitled ‘German Cockroach Allergen Levels in schools’, A comparison of Integrated Pest Removal and Conventional Cockroach Extermination, shows that using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control cockroaches is more effective at reducing cockroaches and their allergens than conventional spraying or “bombing” methods which do not incorporate IPM.

Ultra Safe Pest Management has aggressive solutions for any size and type of cockroach infestation!

      Cockroach Removal IPM services
  • Thorough inspection to identify food sources and harborage
  • Pest Industry HEPA Vacuuming of visible cockroaches, debris and allergens
  • Service in, under and behind all appliances and high-risk areas
  • Develop a site specific, comprehensive plan of action (IPM Plan)
  • Application of Insect Growth Regulators (IGR’S)
  • Installing a complete trapping, baiting and monitoring system
  • Conduct follow-up inspection to insure successful elimination of roaches
  • Full Warranty on all cockroach services

Stored Product Pest Removal

Clothing Moth Specialists

Grain Beetles

Indian Meal Moths

Carpet Beetles

Pest Removal For Occasional Invader Insects

Many insect pests occasionally invade a home, building or other structure. Our pest experts can help implement a control strategy for any type of pest activity.

In some cases, the sight of some of these pests will soon pass or be short lived. Often times no control strategy is needed. In other cases there may be an underlying issue that is causing the sudden activity.

Ultra Safe pest inspectors and staff entomologists are able determine what types of pest activity should be exterminated as opposed to occasional species that are merely passing through.


Stink Bug

Stink Bugs

Yellow Sac Spider
Yellow Sac Spiders