Bed Bug Treatments

Ultra Safe has been specializing in bed bug treatments for almost twenty years! Our bed bug treatments take a comprehensive approach that will incorporate advanced methods, equipment and materials.

We have a treatment solution for any type of bed bug activity and type of property. It is our finding the the best type of bed bug treatment is one that utilizes both heat and conventional treatment methods.


Bed Bug Treatment Overview

  • Detailed inspection of all areas
  • Develop a site-specific plan of action (IPM plan)
  • Provide detailed bed bug preparation instructions
  • Offer preparation services where needed
  • Free Service Warranty on all bed bug treatments


Bed Bug Treatment Tips

  • When it comes to bed bug treatments, a thorough treatment from an experienced, bed bug professional will achieve the best results.
  • Avoid “DIY” bed bug exterminations, “Splash and Dash” applications and inexperienced applicators. They are recipes for disaster.
  • Do your homework and get the right professional for the job. Don’t focus on the lowest bid. Focus on qualifications and track record of success
  • Cutting corners upfront can end up costing ten-fold in the long run.


Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatment

bed-bug heat-treatment

Ultra Safe offers bed bug heat treatment solutions. While heat is a great tool to have, it is by no means a “silver bullet.”  An experienced bed bug specialist will know where and when to utilize or incorporate heat for best results.
Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of, Conventional Heat Treatments vs. Chemical Treatments for bed bug extermination.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Advantages

  • Reduce or eliminate the use and associated risk of pesticides
  • Excellent at treating interior belongings and furnishings
  • Lower degree of difficulty compared to conventional treatment
  • Reduces preparation efforts and can eliminate laundry duty
  • Provides instant kill, proven effective on bed bugs in all areas reaching the minimum target temperature of 126 degrees or higher


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Disadvantages

  • No residual or lasting effect. Once the heat is gone there is no bed bug protection in place.
  • Not very effective at penetrating wall voids and deep crevices (We have tested this many times with advanced temp monitoring equipment). Some may think different, we believe our own eyes.
  • Conventional Heat Equipment is very labor intensive and can be expensive.


Conventional Bed Bug Treatment Advantages

  • More affordable than heat
  • Provides residual protection against bed bugs
  • Penetrates into wall voids and deeper into cracks/crevices where bugs may be hiding
  • Can be done inconspicuously
  • Has a full warranty

Conventional Bed Bug Treatment Disadvantages

  • Increased use of pesticides
  • Requires re-entry time (vacancy)
  • Detailed preparation required
  • Requires a very skilled technician
  • Some personal items can be difficult to treat 


HEPA Vacuuming For Bed Bug Treatment

Our Staff Entomologists have proven that high-powered hepa vacuums can be a very effective tool for removing bed bugs, skin casts and eggs from crevices and hard to reach areas as well as general surfaces in treatment areas. Ultra Safe Pest uses specialized Pest Control vacuums with custom attachments for sucking up the little blood suckers! This vacuuming is great for removing dead bed bugs after treatment as well.

Does Freezing Bed Bugs With Cryonite Treatment Work?

Research shows that cryonite freezing is NOT as effective as thermal treatments. The freezing only works on bed bugs that are hit directly with the cryonite gas. When bed bugs hide deep in cracks, crevices and furniture, the frozen gas may be of little use. Some big box companies  still promote the use of the freezing method. Most experts agree that there are more effective control method for bed bugs than freezing.

Complete Bed Bug Solutions

The solution is here!
Ultra Safe is working with advanced bed bug treatment protocol that utilizes the advantages of both heat and conventional bed bug treatment methods . This aggressive approach is proven to achieve maximum results at a more affordable rate.

Preventative Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bug activity has been increasing annually since 2001.  Having a preventative bed bug program in place is the key to long-term success. Being proactive shows your guests or residents that you care. It can also greatly reduce treatment cost and liability in the future.

Our UltraGuard Bed Bug  Program is your affordable, all-inclusive solution!

Program Features

  • Regular inspections by a certified bed bug specialist
  • Custom site-specific plan of action designed by our staff entomologists
  • Education and training for the entire staff
  • If bed bug activity is identified during inspections, treatment is performed at no additional charge. FREE BED BUG TREATMENTS included with our UltraGuard Protection Plus Plan!
  • Full Service Warranty with 24hr Emergency Service

Proactive solutions for any type of property!

  • Residential Homes
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Multi-Unit Housing
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health-Care Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Dormitories

Bed Bug Training & Consulting

Training and Knowledge are the most important elements to  successful Bed Bug Extermination & Prevention. Our bed bug experts are here to help. In addition to our in-house bed bug training workshops and awareness events, we are available for on-location bed bug training and demonstrations. We can design a bed bug training program for any type of commercial, retail, municipal or residential property.

Topics covered

  • Inspection & Identification
  • Bed Bug History
  • Biology
  • Field Study Results
  • Prevention
  • Bed Bug Treatment Methods
  • IPM Programs
  • Laws and Regulation
  • Liability Risk Reduction

Some of our past Bed Bug Presentations

  • Allston/Brighton CDC’s Greater Boston Bed Bug Conference 2006 & 2007
  • Landlord Associations (Lowell, Lawrence, Salem, Attleboro, Taunton)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfast Associations
  • Housing Authorities
  • Expert Witness Experience

Let Boston’s Original Bedbug Specialists design and manage your bed bug program!

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