Advanced Wildlife Control Operators Massachusetts

NWCOA Certified Advanced Wildlife Control Operators Massachusetts

In February 2017, three Wildlife Control Operators from Ultra Safe Pest Management, became the first Certified  Advanced Wildlife Control Operators in Massachusetts.

The Advanced Wildlife Control training course and exam was held during the National Wildlife Control Operators Association conferences in Memphis TN. The course focused on advanced animal removal, exclusion and damage repair methods and related business practices.

Advanced Wildlife Control Operator Topics

The goal of the Advanced Wildlife Control Operator program is to enforce professionalism, and advancement within the pest and wildlife industry. A big part of being an Advanced Wildlife Control Operator is the ability to be adaptive and innovative. Newer more effective methods of animal removal are being used today. An advanced wildlife control operator can help determine the best practices for successful animal removal and long-term solutions.

Ultra Safe is proud to be on the cutting edge of nuisance wildlife control operators in Massachusetts!

Wildlife Control Operators Massachusetts

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