Behind The Scenes Look At Ultra Safe Pest HQ

Ultra Safe Pest HQ
Ultra Safe Pest Management HQ – North Andover Ma

Providing customers with ‘best in class service’ starts behind the scenes. Companies that offer a truly great customer experience, start by providing the people working hard everyday, a ‘Best In Class Work Environment’ and all the tools they need to succeed.

Behind every great company is a great staff, great materials and equipment, and most of all, a high-quality work culture. Ultra Safe Pest Management is a Boston based pest control company that takes a quality first approach in every aspect of the business.


Professionally Discreet Fleet!

Maintaining a fresh fleet of vehicles is a benefit to both staff and customers. Ultra Safe service vehicles are equipped with the latest equipment options to maximize driver safety and comfort. Advanced safety features include custom ventilation systems that keep drivers safe from chemical fumes and spill resistant floors that insure any leak is contained and wont end up in the environment or as a stain on a customers driveway.

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Best In Class Pest Control Facilities

Modern offices with advanced technologies, quality furniture and amazing views, are a few of the ways Ultra Safe shows staff that it cares. Customers rarely see these spaces, but happy comfortable employees are more productive and provide better customer service.

A Well Taken Care Of Staff!

Onboarding staff are often amazed, even overwhelmed at times at the way Ultra Safe values and rewards it’s amazing staff.  Best in class benefits like low cost, top tier health and dental plans, free life insurance, free short-term disability, 401k plans with a 5% company match, and performance/incentive bonuses are just some of the benefits offered here.

In addition to these core benefits, Ultra Safe Staff Members are rewarded with perks that are rarely seen in the Pest Control Industry. Extremely flexible and weekend-optional work schedules, company Bruins Tickets and paid getaways to world-class professional training events and conferences around the country, provide staff access to advanced training in a more social, team bonding type of environment. 

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Go B’s! Ultra Safe employees experience Bruins games in the company’s premium club seats. The new Garden Society Club offers our staff an exclusive experience. Last year, some of the top-performers got to enjoy Stanley Cup Playoff action including that heartbreaking game 7!

The Payoff!

This type of work environment has paid off ten-fold in the way our staff services our customers. There is nothing more rewarding than getting thank you messages from both staff and customers alike, thanking you for a truly great experience.

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