5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Pests

As the weather outside gets worse, your home becomes your refuge from the bitter cold. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one enjoying the cozy warmth of your home—you also have some unwanted visitors hiding in the nooks and crannies of your house.

You may not be able to see them but, during winter, insects and bugs seek shelter in your warm home to escape the bitter cold. Though many of them will die over winter, they leave their eggs behind. And, when the warm weather comes around, you may find yourself dealing with an infestation. Here are some tips to protect your home and family from troublesome pests this winter.


Seal All Cracks and Holes, No Matter the Size

Your house is your fortress, and you need to take steps to keep pesky little invaders out!

Start with your doors—install a sturdy steel or aluminum threshold to prevent insects from crawling under your door. For added protection, combine this with nylon brush sweeps as they are the best at keeping pests out. Seal the area around the frame with weatherstripping or door-seal kits. Caulk can seal the joint where the door frame meets the wall and the ground.

If a pencil can slip through a crack, so can insects and rodents! Examine the outside walls of your house and replace any damaged brick or rotten wood. Mortar and cement can be used to patch foundations and masonry walls. Don’t forget to check the roofline closely as bees and wasps often nest there. You also need to seal around utility openings.

Add Screens

During winter, you may occasionally open the window to escape the stuffiness of your heater or to enjoy some natural ventilation. This unintentionally provides pests with an excellent opportunity to enter your house. Fortunately, installing a 20 mesh (or finer) screen to your window will effectively block their path to your home.

If you have existing screens, don’t forget to check them for tears or any openings insects can take advantage of.

Yard Maintenance

Proper yard maintenance plays a crucial role in fortifying your defenses against insects. Piles of leaves and debris make an ideal place for pests to keep warm in winter. So, remove them before they are covered by snow.

Trim tree branches, so they are not physically touching your home or hanging over your roof. Build a barrier between your yard and home to keep mulch and soil away from your house.

Eliminate Unprotected Food and Water Sources

Remove the main reason pests visit your house. Store all your food in airtight containers and wipe up spills and crumbs as quickly as possible. Try to limit food consumption to one room—you don’t want to leave a trail of crumbs all over your house for insects to feast on. Also, don’t forget to do dishes immediately after use.

Manage Your Trash Properly

Your trash is a full course meal for pests. Store all food waste in the kitchen—don’t leave dishes or food waste around the house. Buy trash cans with secure lids (including tight seals) that keep bugs out. Always remember to empty the trash can before going to bed every night.


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