Mosquito Control In Massachusetts, Expert Tips, Information and Advice.

Demand for Residential Mosquito Control Continues to Surge!

Residential Mosquito Control in Massachusetts has been on the rise for several years now. The covid-19 pandemic has fueled the demand even further as more and more people look to create a more healthy, comfortable and safe, “Stay-At-Home Environment”.

The “backyards” of most Massachusetts neighborhoods took center stage during the pandemic. Call Center data at Ultra Safe Pest Management showed a 35% increase in homeowner requests for Mosquito Control in Massachusetts in 2020. 

New Mosquito Treatment Technology.

New Mosquito Treatment Technology has proven successful in recent seasons and will continue into the 2021 Mosquito Season. Ultra Safe Staff Entomologists have tested reported on two new Mosquito devices during the 2020 Season that included the In-2-Care Mosquito System and the new Makita 4-Stroke Mist Blower. 

In-2-Care Mosquito Control System In Massachusetts

 In2Care Mosquito Control Trap In Massachusetts

The In-2-Care Mosquito Control System utilizes a bucket device with an active Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that treats egg-laying mosquitoes and prevents the eggs from developing. The system was created using grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has shown a lot of promise when used as part of a comprehensive treatment program like Ultra Safe’s UltraGuard Mosquito Treatment Program.  

Expert Tips For Controlling Backyard Mosquitoes 

Eliminate Standing Water!

If there was no standing water there would be no mosquitoes, period! Standing water is the number one source of mosquitoes. Therefor successful Backyard Mosquito Control in Massachusetts requires these breeding sites be eliminated wherever possible. A clogged gutter for example can hold enough standing water to breed tens of thousands of mosquitoes in short time!

Hire an Expert!

There is a science to quality Mosquito Control. Hire a local Mosquito Expert that will know how to customize the best Mosquito Treatment Program for each individual property. Knowing when, where and what Mosquito control products to use is critical to successful mosquito control. 

Mosquito Yard Spraying In Massachusetts