Squirrel Removal and Prevention in Massachusetts

Squirrel Removal and Prevention in Massachusetts

Grey Squirrels – By far the number one home invader of all local squirrel species! Grey Squirrels typically have two or three nest sites that they will frequent throughout the year. Warm weather nests are constructed in nearby trees where squirrels create a cluster of branches and leaves. Cold weather nests are made in tree hollows and building structures. Grey Squirrels will chew a baseball size hole to gain entry to a cavity to escape the elements. This species of squirrel is active during the day (diurnal) usually from sunrise to sunset. If scratching and gnawing is heard during the day, Grey Squirrels are a likely culprit.

Red Squirrels – Although smaller in size than the Grey Squirrel, ‘Red Squirrels’ also known as ‘Pine Squirrels’, are more vocal and territorial than the other species. One key characteristic of the red squirrel is that they can enter the structure from low or even ground level entry points. This behavior is not as typical of the Grey or Flying Squirrel.

Flying Squirrels – ‘Flyers’ Many people are unaware that Flying Squirrels even exist in Massachusetts. This is because Flyers are nocturnal and are rarely seen by people. They are the smallest of the three species with Flyers being slightly larger than adult mice. Squirrel Damage Squirrels take advantage of a “weak spot” to gnaw their way in. They can damage wires, insulation, personal belongs and contaminate surfaces once inside.

Our Squirrel Removal Experts are equipped to remove and prevent squirrel activity!

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